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The Calne Area



On the map the community area based on Calne is the most regular of all, nearly circular and with its town dead centre. On the ground matters are not so simple. The eastern and south-eastern fringe, from Yatesbury past Cherhill and Calstone to Heddington, forms the western edge of the Marlborough Downs, high chalkland which culminates in two of the great landmarks of central Wiltshire, Oldbury Camp above Cherhill, with its white horse and monument, and Morgans Hill above Calstone, with its twin radio masts. Calne itself sits in the valley beneath, beside a minor river, the Marden, near the junction of the Gault and Kimmeridge clays, the greensand, and the Coral rag. The Corallian ridge runs north past Bremhill and Hilmarton to Lyneham airfield, but southwards it is mantled by the greensand. Both outcrops make for interesting, undulating scenery, which has been modified to memorable effect by the creation of Bowood Park, west of Calne.