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A picture for ASSANGE

I have no personal knowledge concerning Mr Assange nor of what alleged shenanigans he might or might not have been up to in Sweden, but somehow the Rape complaints against him do seem all too convenient . It is common knowledge that our American Cousins would like to have his Guts for Garters, so one would be very naďve not to believe that America wouldn’t seek the man’s extradition from Sweden, should he ever be sent there to answer the current charges against him.

Guilty or not guilty in Sweden, there is something else about this charge that stinks to high heaven, one does'nt need to be dyslexic to read ‘Rape in Sweden’ as Rendition . One understands that our Government finds itself in a tight corner, but playing the role of Pontius Pilate discredits it no end. Hopefully the threats made against the Status of the Equadorian Embassy, emanate from some underling rather than our Foreign Secretary, for surely any fool would see that such a happening would be akin to shooting our own Diplomats in all their feet.

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