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Calne Lantern Parade

Visit us at We are a Wiltshire based site set up to inform you about up and coming events in Calne and the surrounding areas. Our biggest event of the year is Calne's Lantern parade, which we hold every year in the town centre. This year it will be held on the 25th November.

Our aim is to get the whole community involved in the celebration and this year to help up along, we decided to set up this website, it's full of information on how you can get involved in the parade and there are even entry forms for this years best grandparent, who will be switching on the town christmas lights and a carnival princess from three local schools will be picked to ride on a float with our carnival queen.

Follow the adventures of Charlie the West Highland White Terrier. He's writing a blog where he tells everyone about the fun he's been having. Charlie is also playing a big part in this years Lantern Parade and most importantly of all... He's helping Father Christmas by taking all the Christmas letters from the Children of Calne to make sure all the boys and girls have a Merry Christmas.

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