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Calne Without Parish Plan

Calne Without is situated in the north of Wiltshire, approximately halfway between Swindon and the market town of Chippenham. This rural parish surrounds the town of Calne and has been identified by some as a doughnut, with Calne as the filling.

The intention of the Parish Plan is to inspire the Parish Council with ideas for the future, through the voices and opinions of all the parishioners. More than half of all parishioners replied to the Steering Groupís questionnaire. These responses form the basis of input to the Plan, although the Steering Group has factored in comments that were made at the open meetings as well.

Calne Without Parish Plan

If you have any views on the Calne Without Parish plan and its contents please contact me via email thank you.

contact : Richard Marygold
29 Gloucester road
Lower Compton
sn11 8qx
Tel : 07742154399
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