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Jenny Wildblood, Forum Chair, explains why your group should become a member.

As the way government planning, funding and targets are managed gets more and more complicated, it can be tempting just to give up trying to keep up-to-date and involved. Its also often difficult to see why you should bother - there are more important things to be doing than listening to a lot of waffle.

But all this talk of targets and strategic plans means big changes, big opportunities and real threats to voluntary sector groups and their services. We need funding and support to be able to deliver the services that our members and clients want and need, but if we arenít in the plans we wonít get the cash, and our values and ways of working wonít be recognised.

This is why the Forum exists; to make sure that we all get the chance to have a real influence. You may not be able to attend meetings but you can use the website and the newsletters as a quick and simple way to keep up with whatís going on. Together, we can spot the changes that matter and work to make sure they will help us and the people we support, not get in our way. We can build useful new partnerships, not just with other voluntary groups but with statutory organisations.

We look forward to hearing from you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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