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Values and Visions

Wiltshire Children & Young People’s Trust - Values & Vision

The Five Outcomes for children & young people • Be healthy • Stay safe • Enjoy & achieve • Make a positive contribution • Achieve economic well being

Our vision: That ALL children and young people in Wiltshire achieve the five outcomes

In order to achieve our vision we will: • Value children and young people Encouraging all services and communities to nurture, support and safeguard them. • Value the role of families Supporting families in meeting the needs of children and young people.

• Give a voice and influence to children and young people Enabling children and young people (and parents and carers) to shape the services they receive themselves and the type of services that are developed for the future. • Ensure services make a difference and reduce disadvantage Ensuring that services reach and are effective in helping children and young people of any religion, race, culture or language, gender, sexuality or ability, and those at risk of social exclusion. • Work together Developing services jointly and promoting co-operative working across professions and agencies so that children, young people and their families receive high quality help that is suited to their needs.

• Develop and use the skills of the workforce Supporting people who work in children and young peoples’ services in Wiltshire to contribute as much as they can to helping children and young people. • Help earlier where possible Promoting creative and effective help when or before problems first arise. • Help disadvantaged neighbourhoods Investing in areas of greatest need and supporting communities to help themselves.

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