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Lea and Cleverton Allotments

Last Updated 05 November 2015 12:25

Image 1 for Lea  and Cleverton Allotments


An asset to the Village and its keen gardeners. An attractive and well placed site with running water and consisting of 16 allotments plots, all let and actively cultivated. Situated off of Little Badminton Lane.

Always highly praised by the Judges when we enter the Best Kept Village Competition. Rent levels are reviewed annually in November by the Parish Council and are payable by December 31st for the following 12 months.

The immediate contact for matters concerning the Lea Allotments is Mr Paul Fuller, Garden House,The Street,Lea. Telephone 01666 825473.

Currently there are no sites available to let. The current annual of rental per plot is based on the square footage of individual plots and currently charged at the rate of 2p per square foot. The respective charges have been notified to all tenants.&


There is a further allotment site in Cleverton which is let as grass keep to a local farmer. This site has not been cultivated as allotments for many years, consequently it has reverted back to grass land. Additionally it is located away from the hamlet of Cleverton.


It is important to check before using farmyard or stable manure that it does not contain the agricultural weedkiller aminopyralid.

Aminopyralid has been used on farms to controls weeds in grassland. Where treated grass was eaten by livestock their manure may contain residues of the weedkiller.

There may still be some affected manure and, while there are no concerns for human health, its use can cause poor or distorted growth in many crops including beans, peas, potatoes and tomatoes, which will reduce harvests.

Therefore, ask the supplier to confirm that the manure does NOT contain aminopyralid, Stable owners may not be able to offer this asurance so be very cautious about using stable manure.

If you have already used manure and you now sus ask if th or telephone the information team on 01904 455775 between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday). More advice and guidance is available from Dow AgroSciences at


The Code of Conduct for the Lea Allotment Plots as well as the current tenancy agreement will be found under Allotments Code of Conduct on this website


Lea residents who rent allotment plots are reminded that they MUST not under the terms of the Code of Conduct transport their domestic garden waste to the allotment plots for disposal. If residents have NOT paid the Wiltshire Council for the continuing collection of their green garden waste wheelie bin then they should arrange to transport it themselves to the nearest Household Recycling Centre (HRC) which is probably Stanton St Quinton.

Please be aware that with effect from July 13th 2015 that opening hours have been changed and that centres are only open 5 days per week from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Stanton HRC is closed on Thursdays and Fridays.