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Parish Information 1

Last Updated 05 November 2015 12:21

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The next meeting of Lea & Cleverton Parish Council will be held on September 15th 2015 and will be an ordinary meeting of the Parish Council.

The remaining dates for 2015 is November 17th. These are Ordinary Meetings.There is an option to hold a meeting December which will be advised.

All meetings commence at 7:30 p.m. and are held in Lea Village Hall and are open to the Public and the Press.

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ENVIRONMENT AGENCY - Domestic Oil Storage Tanks

The Environment Agency deals with a large number of pollution incidents caused by loss of oil from domestic storage tanks. Last year in this area alone there were 80 incidents reported where pollution had been caused by loss of oil. These incidents cost the Agency 23,000:00 for the their initial response. Many old metal tanks are coming to the end of their useful life. It is important to maintain them ensuring that they are clean and painted and that rust is not hiding any weaknesses or pinholes. If you are fitting a new tank, it is worthwhile getting a "bunded" tank, which is in effect a tank within a tank. It's a lot safer and takes no more space then the single skin tank.

Leaflets are available from the Parish Clerk or you can visit the Environment Agency's web site This site is also detailed on our links page.

If you discover a leak contact your tank installer if you know who they are, alternatively your oil supplier or your system servicing engineer, they will be able to help you. Initially try to stop the oil flow, absorb it with sand, earth or other such material. Stop it reaching the drains. Call the Agency Hotline 0800 80 70 60 (a free 24 hour hotline).

The moral of this is that your tank is your responsibility and therefore you should check it regularly for any sign of leakage.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Mike Porter is the Neighourhood Watch Co- ordinator for Lea and Cleverton Parish scheme. Mike has set up a core of Lea village residents to act as Supervisors and also has done the same in Cleverton. The supervisors report by convenent means to him with any relevant information of incidents which are reported or observed. The Supervisors will in turn relay information back to those with internet access together with any reports which are received from the Wiltshire Council and Police sources. Reports will also be printed in the PCC Newsletter for the benefit of all Parishioners. Mike's telephone number is 01666 822197, alternatively you should make contact with your Supervisor whose telephone number was publised in the April-May 2010 issue of the PCC Newsletter.

ALL LANDOWNERS whose properties adjoin the various roads and lanes within the Parish are required and expected to keep the road side ditches clear of obstructions. This is particularly important to prevent flooding and will enable the storm water to have a free run so that a build up of water is not caused and thus does not present hazards and obstructions to traffic and flooding risks to householders alike.

If any Parishioner sees or is aware of anything which they feel needs attention they are requested to contact the Parish Clerk. Tel: 01666 823730. This will help keep our Parish tidy and be a credit to all of us.

The Lea Conservation Area was designated by the former North Wiltshire District Council on May 20th 1997 under powers contained within the Conservation Area Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas) Act 1990.

The village has accomodated many new development in recent years with new road accesses onto "The Street". The scale of the development has impacted poorly on the character of the village, and this has inevitably focused attention on the desirability to preserve and enchance the traditional part of the village set around the older areas of the Church and The Manor. The boundary is drawn around the older core, together with open areas of land to the east of the main street.

The principle objective of designation is to enhance the character and appearance of this area.

Neighbourhood Policing.

This scheme is now fully in place throughout the County. The major change is that instead of seeing a Police vehicle driving through the parish you will find the car "parked up" and the Officer patrolling the area on foot and chatting to all those whom they may meet. The Police have regular contact on any of these visits with either the PC Chairman or the Parish Clerk. This is a great scheme and presents a more approachable/informal contact between the Police and the Parishioners.

PC Mike Tripp is the Area Beat Manager for the Malmesbury Rural Area which encompasses this and many other Parishes in the local area. The team is based at Malmesbury Police Station and are contactable on 101 for NON life threating emergencies and other routine matters. When Police activities permit the Officers will attend the meetings of the Parish Council when a useful ex information takes place.