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Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Playing Field

Last Updated 05 November 2015 20:13

Image 1 for Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Playing Field

"The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Playing Field" is located within the village of Lea and is entered from Crabmill Lane. It is furnished with a variety of items of play equipment suitable for children of all ages. There is also a Tennis Court.

The keys for the Tennis Court are available from Linda Heron, Ashbourne House, Crabmill Lane.

The use of these facilities are free, however you may if you wish make a donation towards the Jubilee Playing Field Funds. Any donations should be left with Linda Heron.

Various items consisting of a Sailing Dingy, a House known as Celia's House and a Train set have recently been added in memory of Celia. These items were provided by funds raised by the Lea community and a grant from the Area Board.

Image 2 for Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Playing Field


This new item of play equipment which has been purchased for our Playing Field is suitable for children from 18 months to 6 years of age.

The former North Wiltshire District Council Area 1 Committee awarded the Parish Council a Grant of 1,938:00 towards the cost, with the balance of 2,000:00 being found from the Jubilee Playing Field Fund.

The work of installation has now been completed by several members of the Parish Council. The equipment is therefore available for use by those children within the age group specified by the manufacturer. Hopefully "Little Hamlets" will be much enjoyed and will prove to be a great addition to our playing field.


The latest addition to the various items of equipment in the Jubilee Playing Field is the "Orbit One" roundabout installed by Playdale. As mentioned elsewhere on this page this roundabout is able to be used by a child in a wheelchair as well as their ablebodied friends. You may consider that the movement of the roundabout is perhaps a little stiff, this is due to the fact that wheelchair users would not be safe if the equipment was very free running. Many thanks are due to the former North Wiltshire District Council for the 100% grant which made this purchase possible.


In the past "Graffiti Artists" have been at work in the playing field.

Any persons using the field and seeing such activities are requested to report the event to the P make this task easier, users are requested not to drop litter or to leave any stones, bottles or other hard objects laying on the grass. This type of object could easily caused injury to users and also damage the grass cutting machines.

Therefore please make use of the litter bin on the post just outside the entrance gate. Dog owners are reminded that dogs, even on a lead are not permitted to enter the field. Guide Dogs are however permitted.