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Natural Energy Healing

Achieve deep relaxation and greater health and balance; with a gentle but powerful healing session using the Applied Energy Flow Healing System. Applied Energy Flow is a unique, results-focused, healing system. It incorporates Reiki and other healing techniques that work with the body’s natural drive for balance, helping you achieve your goals with the power of your own body.

Let go of emotional experiences from your past that hold you back; with a session of Emotional Realignment Therapy. Emotional Realignment Therapy is a unique treatment that allows you to gently release emotional blocks at your own pace to improve the flow of energy in your body. This enables you to move on in a positive way, with you firmly in the driving seat.

Learn a powerful healing tool to take control of your own healing; with a level one Reiki attunement. Usui Reiki attunements give you a tool that you can use to support your own healing and development. It can also be used with friends and family or as a stepping stone to your own career in healing. Dr Karen Janes is an Applied Energy Flow and Emotional Realignment Therapy Practitioner, a Reiki Master Teacher and a Chartered Clinical Psychologist. She offers these services to help people take a preventative approach to their health and wellbeing, to relieve symptoms and to achieve the goals they are working towards in their lives.

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Tel : 0794 103 1427
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