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A picture for PLEBEIAN  OR  NOT  TO  B E  UN

One knows nothing of Andrew Mitchell nor the facts of the so called Plebgate, however is not the Police Service over egging the cake? One has heard of misunderstandings and of apologies being offered and accepted, read of Police Note Books being made available to The Media, and too the opinion of the Police Federation, and of the suggestion that the Government Whip should resign. What a load of codswallop .One may wonder what all this Brewhaha is about. What in this egalitarian age is wrong with being Plebeian whilst the claim of The Plebs is that the Government is too Patrician.

What this is all about, is the discontent in the Police Service concerning its terms and conditions of employment. That apart maybe it is a matter of distracting the Publicís attention, from the Hillsborough Stadium, the death of that Plebeian Newspaper Vendor in the City of London, and the various other complaints made against the Police that have of late hit the headlines. Its all very fine stirring up mud, however much of it tends to stick to one and all.

Maybe The Police Service isnít pleased about the soon to be elected Police and Crime Commissioners. Who would blame them on that score. I being of the Plebeian persuasion am appalled at the idea that Peelís creation will soon be under the control of some Party Political Commissar, for such is the reality of the matter . I really have no knowledge of the persons standing for appointment in Wiltshire, so be assured I have no intention of voting for either of them, despite that it galls me to abstain in any Election. Possibly I will spoil my paper.

Way back in the 1930ís there was a perceived problem with our then Police Forces, many of which were controlled not by career Policemen, but by í Retired Earlyí Officers of our Fighting Forces . It was their lack of skill and understanding that caused the Late Lord Trenchard to found the Hendon Police College as the point of entry for Graduates and others expected to reach the highest ranks. After the war The Hendon College was put to different usage, so its final progeny the like of Simpson and Waldron had had the supportive rug pulled from beneath them long before they became Metropolitan Commissioners. Clearly it was a mistake to do away with the Hendon Entry, a mistake that wont be rectified by returning to the Status Quo ante.

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