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Postal Count

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POSTAL VOTE COUNT. Undoubtedly somewhere there is a rule that covers the situation, however to put a case c. 1763 persons die everyday in the UK. Probably a majority of that number would have been entitled to vote in the forthcoming Election. Obviously some (say 10%) die too young to be entitled to vote, however can one doubt that many postal votes are issued to persons no longer with us? Who can tell what actually happens to their voting slip if issued, or if before departing they fill in and post their slip, does such a vote count. Maybe records are checked and the sealed envelopes get detracted , possibly that isnít so . According to a HOFL* reply on the 15 Jan 2010 the number of persons claiming a Postal Vote increases exponentially Election by Election. (1997/ 2.1%; 2001/4%; 2005 12%; by the time of the 2009 Euro Election the number of postal voters had risen by a further million, and this year there has been a surge in applications). Are there short of twenty thousand disentitled voting slips out there, if not a whole lot more? I recall a Reading Seat being won by a majority of six. * H.of L used to be engraved on the House of Lords Tea spoons. Possibly still is. MADELEINE Mc CANN. Is still missing after three years

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