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Home Security

HOME SECURITY GUIDE Much most burglary crime is opportunistic. If you are an easy target your are more likely to become a victim. Burglars and miscreants want to be in and out as quickly as possible. So strategy is that if you can slow them down they are more likely to go away. Here are some tips on how to defend your home:

A): Community Intelligence & Mutual Protection

1. Always liaise with your neighbour when you are going away. 2. Ensure that you cancel milk and newspapers when you go away. 3. Set up a scheme with your neighbour for sharing of keys for time of emergency. 4. Set up a dual defence scheme with your neighbour: tell your neighbour what hours you are away from during the day home, then if they hear a noise or see someone go into your garden they can observe and check.

B) Visible Deterrents

5. Gravel or slate paths and drives. 6. Blinds at the windows and potted plants deter criminals- they are looking for quick and unfettered access- things like this are an obstacle and inconvenience, it slows them down. 7. Prickly hedges along the boundary of your property. 8. External security flood lights 9. Display Neighbourhood Watch signs: info coming soon on what is available.

C): Precautions 10. Never leave windows open when you are out. 11. Never have keys or wallets on view from any window. 12. Keep your keys out of sight or reach of any door or window. 13. When you have a tradesman in always try to check their id, get references etc. Have strict rules about how they operate re. security. 14. Have timed light appliances when you are out, these can be triggered to go on and off on different rooms at intervals. 15. Have window locks fitted. 16. Have a web cam fitted to your computer linked to a door alarm 17. Get a burglar alarm system fitted to your house. 18. Never let a stranger into your house. 19. Never buy or sell at the door. 20. Donít do business with door salesman/cold callers. Get their address/telephone number for you to contact them to get a proper quote. 21. Beware of false officials: always ask to see a photo identity card. Never let anyone into your home unless your are fully satisfied. You can always call the agency they supposedly represent (eg water or electricity board) to check their identity. 22. If you are frail or elderly or vulnerable DO NOT answer the door to any one you do not know very well. 23. Do not give out any personal details of any kind over the phone to strangers. © Stephen B. Cox 2012

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