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The PROBUS Club of Malmesbury

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WHAT IS PROBUS? PROBUS derives from two words, PROfessional and BUSiness. It is an association of retired people who join together in a non-political, non-sectarian International Club which provides a regular opportunity for them to meet like minded folk, make new friends and expand their interests.

HOW BIG IS PROBUS? Started in England by two ex Rotarians in 1965, there are now over 1700 PROBUS Clubs in the UK. Worldwide they exceed 4000 with some 300,000 members. PROBUS in NZ started in 1974 and in AUS in 1975 both, unlike in the UK, directly under the control of Rotary International. PROBUS came to Malmesbury in June 1976, when this Club was founded by John Oldham and Tommy Thompson, who had both retired to Malmesbury. Some Clubs comprise only men, some only women and some have both. This Club is a men's Club with a maximum membership of 36. Visitors are always made welcome although it is only courteous to contact the Secretary a few days beforehand.

A picture for The-PROBUS-Club-of-Malmesbury

WHAT DOES PROBUS DO AND WHEN? Each Club has a common Constitution and is run broadly on the same lines and has similar aims. This Club places sociability before formality, meets on the second and fourth Fridays of the month at the Old Bell Hotel, Abbey Row, Malmesbury at 10.00 am for coffee/tea before the main meeting starts at 10.30 am. The general Club business takes about 15 minutes and this is followed at the first meeting in the month by general topics for discussion, brought by the members. For the second meeting a Speaker is engaged. There is also a separate coffee morning at The Old Bell Hotel, for the wives and widows of members during the first meeting of the month and a Bi-monthly informal lunch for members, wives and widows after the second meeting of each odd numbered month. Day coach trips are arranged at members requests. Our AGM is in April.

contact : G.E. Bennett - Secretary
Tel : 01666 822684
Email :