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The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust

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The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust provides a free home security service for elderly, vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Swindon & Wiltshire. The Trust purchases and installs fittings to strengthen susceptible homes against break-in and distraction burglary. Clients include the disabled, and those in domestic violence or hate crime situations. Bobby Operators are carpenter/lockfitters, trained Crime Reduction Officers, and Fire Risk Assessors, equipped with modified vans which travel around the county responding to referrals from Wiltshire Police and other support agencies.

The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust has completed over 11,000 jobs. A large number of vulnerable people now feel safer in their own homes. Every day the Trust receives letters of gratitude from clients, or from relatives of those we have helped, who greatly support our prompt, practical and reassuring service.

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Like most charities, The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust endeavours to provide a vital community service, whilst also working to secure the necessary funding to do so. The Trust relies totally on donations, please call 01225 794652 and speak to a Co-ordinator for details on how to support us.

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