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Wellbeing Centre

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What is the Wellbeing Centre?

The Wellbeing Centre is a brand new project of CVS North Wilts and is the brainchild of two local practitioners, Karen Scott and Jess Wilks who wanted to make the complementary treatments they provide more affordable and available to local people, especially those in the Voluntary and Community Sector and their clients. Although still in its infancy, the Centre has a warm, peaceful ambience and is in an ideal location for people to meet with their complementary health practitioner in a private and comfortable room.

Who is it for?

While the Centre has a particular link with the Voluntary and Community Sector through its relationship with CVS, the treatments available are on offer to anyone at all who is interested in looking after their health and wellbeing through complementary therapies and treatments.

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What’s on offer?

As of April 2007 the centre offers Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Homeopathy. Fees are typically £35 per session for members of the general public and only £25 per session for people associated with a voluntary or community group in North Wiltshire, whether they are paid workers, volunteers, trustees or clients. Further concessions may be available to people in receipt of means-tested benefits, in due course, subject to funding.

contact : Karen Scott
3-4 New Road
SN15 1EJ
Tel : 01249 654089
Email :
Web : view the web site