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Yes its Time For A Change.

A picture for Yes Lets AV a change

Our current Electoral System is fundamentally flawed, being too easily manipulated. Many Members of Parliament and thirty three members of the Wiltshire Unitary Authority hold Office on minority votes. Overall At the time of our Unitary Council Election, thirty nine of our Councillors would have been subjected to vote reallocation. The figures suggest that many of that number would not have been elected. Of those thirty nine seats, twenty five were won by Conservatives. ( Seven Lib/Dem. Three by Devizes Guardians, Two by Labour and Two by Independents.)

Instead of serving up such facts, the ‘No’ campaign has resorted to smoke and mirrors. Their cry ‘One person one vote’.

I don’t know ‘How Are Things in Glocca Morra’ however until the last election, Tisbury Voters each had two votes to cast in District Council Elections, whilst elsewhere others had three votes at their disposal. This still persists elsewhere. One never previously heard complaint from Party Politicians concerning a system that so advantaged them to the expense of Independent Candidates . None of the latter being entitled to benefit from more than one of each Elector’s votes. Apart from deciding to waste their second or third vote the alternative was to choose which of the Party Candidates displeased them the least, thereby cancelling out their first preference for the Independent. Maybe such was an unholy alliance between tactical voting and AV , who can tell ?’

What I do know is, that blather though Party Politicians may, they want you to Vote ‘no’ because it is against their Personal and Party Interests for you to vote ‘YES’.

Look at the Mess this country has got itself into under the First Past the Post system. Do we really wish to encourage the like of Blair and Brown, or the return of Thatcherism ?

LETS VOTE YES, if only on the basis it’s a better system than we have got now. Is it any wonder people no longer bother to go the Polls?

Under AV every Vote will count whether we empathise with it or not, but then such is DEMOCRACY.

VOTE YES rather than 'Don't Know'.

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