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Welcome to the first Community Strategy for North Wiltshire. Informed by local consultation this strategy reflects what matters to you in your communities. It sets out a picture of North Wiltshire today, identifies some of the needs of our population and highlights where actions and improvements need to happen.

The aim of the Strategy is to make a difference where it matters - in our communities. As a relatively new and developing group, North Wiltshire Partnership brings together public services (including health, local government and police), voluntary and community groups, housing associations, young people and the business sector to focus on issues and take actions that are relevant and important to our local communities. By working together across a number of organisations and community groups, we know we can make a difference.

The purpose of North Wiltshire Partnership is to achieve results through good, supportive partnership working. Our work as the Local Strategic Partnership for North Wiltshire will not duplicate the excellent work already being delivered by organisations and community groups across the district. North Wiltshire Partnership will strive to add to the good work that is already happening and set up new projects and work in response to other issues that have been highlighted. This website (and our corresponding booklet) sets out intentions and gives an idea of the types of areas of work and issues that North Wiltshire Partnership will focus on. In developing the strategy we have tried to capture a picture of what is important in North Wiltshire today, informed by messages that have come through a wide range of consultation processes. It is possible, however, that some of these issues are not important or that the Partnership will not focus on them in the future. Needs and priorities change so the Partnership will continue to listen and try to capture those views in future versions of this Strategy and the action plans that will follow. We look forward to delivering this ambitious but realistic Strategy, which we know will make a difference!

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